IMMOVATE acquisition profile

IMMOVATE is always on the lookout for interesting investment properties. With our acquisition profile, we define which properties qualify for potential acquisition.

Housing & urban developmentCommercial housing (hotel, students, nursing, assisted living)
Logistics / industry
  • Existing property in need of revitalisation
  • Demolition & new construction properties
  • Plots of land with dedication potential
  • Owner-occupied properties are not the focus

  • Land development (greenfield) with dedication potential
  • Existing properties with development potential
  • Land development (greenfield) with dedication potential
  • New construction projects with existing dedication
Size (potential)
  • > 500 m2 usable area (residential) or
  • > 5.000 m2 usable area (urban district)
  • Commercial share with regard to rental contracts max. 20%
  • > 4.000 m2 gross floor area
  • > 100 rooms
  • > 8.000 m2 gross floor area

  • Austria
  • City or suburban area
  • Good microsituation (e.g. public transport network less than 500 m away)
  • Hotel
    • Preferably year-round holiday hotels
    • Preferably city hotels

  • Location of special-purpose properties (students, nursing care, assisted living) depending on use
  • Metropolitan regions, suburban areas
  • Established commercial/industrial areas
  • Good transport connections (airport, roads, rail, water)

Rental contracts
  • Vacant or potential
    vacancy or
  • term of maximum three years
  • Vacant or potential
    vacancy or
  • term of maximum three years
  • Vacant or potential vacancy or
  • term of maximum three years
Property review
  • Report with property data, complete address and purchase price
  • Zoning regulations and plan incl. car park regulations
  • Current land register excerpt
  • Rent list in Excel format with information on the start/end of the rental period and rent arrears
  • Property photos, as-built plans, site plan, if available planning documents on the envisaged developments (layout plans, summary of floor plans)

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